Presentation is a big factor for obtaining the best price of your house. You don't have to spend a lot of money on your home to get it ready for sale. we'd like to help optimise the appeal of your property by providing the following checklist:



Consider the following 

Sweep paths and driveway.  Clear any cobwebs from around the house.    

Weed garden, prune bushes and clear debris from the front and back.

Clean windows inside and out.  Check windowsills for peeling or cracked paint.

Check paint on the front door and make sure doorbell works. Polish doorknob is necessary

Review condition of paint throughout home. Wash walls or repaint where necessary

Clean the carpets or replace. Polish floor boards. Purchase rugs if needed to dress up floors (you can take them with you)

Check that appliances and fixtures are working.

Check condition of plumbing, roofing and wiring, and arrange for any repairs.

Tidy all rooms and check furnishings are in order. Hide worn out items or use covers and throws.

Ensure kitchen and bathrooms are spotless.

Tidy wardrobes, laundry cupboards and linen presses.

Brighten the interior with fresh flowers.

If you have pets, remove any animal litter.

Ensure that there are no unpleasant odours lingering in the house. 

Check garage is reasonable tidy and accessible.

Treat yourself after all the hard work (coffee and cake - a nice bottle of your favourite wine)!